Earth, water and fire: our roots.


Pòrtol, the source of a craftsmanship

400 years ago a group of potters, looking for a place to settle and start his trade, discovered the landscape of Pórtol’s red clay soil. On that land, they shaped a town and a clay industry, where a small number of families would slowly cooked, over a period of four centuries, the art of their craftsmanship.

“Sa Roca Llisa”, yesterday.

In our family the craftmanship of pottery dates back to four generations, tying every father to his son in the same way we are tied to our family name, Serra, and a few of our names: Pep and Margalida. Around the wood-fired oven, horno moruno, created in 1861, a first modest wooden shed was built for the potter’s wheels and a modeling workspace. Until today, where the ancient space forms a whole with the new factory building, the family business has taken form and gradually changed, like a block of clay in the hands of time, adapting to the needs of every chapter of our story.

From the time when the potter was a figure well-known for his weekly visits to every village on his donkey cart selling household items, bowls and cooking utensils, until the tourism and construction boom during the 60’s, when all the bricks and tiles, that today form most of the majorcan urbanized landscape, passed through our hands.

“Sa Roca Llisa”, today.

Currently, we are recuperating the ancient production processes to share them with interested crafts lovers of local products. Furthermore with the same slowness and love than ever, we create custom-made products to keep on everyone’s lips, thanks to restaurants and hotels, the pottery craftsmanship today (and tomorrow).